Find the Size that Works Best for You

Original vs. the Short Stack and XL

Accordiems neatly fold up into little 3 x 5 inch notebooks. They can be designed for different sizes, but the recommended Original 6-panel is ideal. It is easy to manage and has a lot of space - almost as much as the front and back of an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper or one side of an 11 x 17 inch sheet. The difference is that the folded Accordiem is much more interactive than a standard piece of paper, and the six panels give you a total of 12 designated areas to reveal your message, plan your projects, and provide information. It is perfect for everything from a work-week overview to a project sprint analysis.

The original-original Accordiem prototype was actually eight panels, which gives you a whopping 240 square inches of creative space. The thinking behind the XL size is that we all live Eight Days a Week lives. The spread on this option is a beautiful two-foot-wide panorama but that size is a jump in printer capabilities and comes at a higher cost.  

The Short Stack is another option. It is great for a one or two-day meeting or any event that does not require a ton of planning. It is still a fun piece and easy to approach if you want to have a memorable leave-behind without needing to overthink content.

Editor's Pick

Trying to decide which size to start with? I recommend the Original 6-panel. It is a great size for content and still has the full-fun feel of the accordion fold.

All sizes can be custom designed but the Original 6-panel has a library of choices if you want to first try to order a set of of what has already been created to see if Accordiems work for you. 

Personally, this project has been life-changing. It is the first time I truly felt organized in a really fun way. You can hold these in your hand like reference cards in a meeting, or spread them out on a table to show your team during a working session. 

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