The Proof is in the Pudding

Great products have a different kind of relationship to themselves and the people who love them when they are true to themselves. Can a vacuum cleaner clean itself? Was your favorite graphic software used to design its own look and feel and packaging?  

These questions are about product transcendentalism.

Every step of the Accordiem journey was thought out, sketched out, taped and folded into the mock-ups. The logo and all aspects of this project were created in the very first drafts. 

One nice design feature is that Accordiems fit nicely into your pocket so you can always have one on you to manage your projects by reviewing your to-do and ta-da lists and in the same space sketch out your thoughts. And best of all, no reception and battery requirements - it's an immediate connection. There is something so true to the Accordiem design that you can quickly expand your memory and ideas.

 With Accordiems you begin to appreciate the space on each panel. You reduce your note taking to icons, concise thoughts, and simple checklists that are easy to review and revisit. When you might have previously written something down on a piece of paper, and then buried it under other pieces of paper (never to be found again), Accordiems create a timeline of your tasks and thoughts. For a creative person who never fell in love with a good way keep track of everything you want and have to do, and be a constant listener to all of your ideas, this is the perfect partner for you. 


Accordiems are about simplicity. After all, they are just a folded piece of paper (cardstock, actually) - no big deal. But there is something so special that such a small thing can help you organize your time and concepts in a very simple and clear way. 

And the sparse design is also part of the creative process. The simple outlined words and black and white drawings bring to mind a coloring book, which encourages you to complete it, add to it and create something new.

There is also something very neat and tidy and collectible about these little notebooks.

All Accordiems are printed on FSC certified cardstock made from sustainable resources.