The Creative Process

Some of the greatest thinkers were deeply involved in the creative process of book making, journal writing, and drawing on paper. There's something about the way the brain, eyes, and hands come together that is not only creative and satisfying, but also entirely productive.

Humans are tactile. We want to scribble, fold, flip, check off, cross out, doodle, and write in the margins. Accordiems are perfect for the restless hands, day dreamers, and artistic people who want to keep track of their thoughts and organize their time in a creative way that traditional calendars and task-oriented apps cannot. 

Accordiems are designed to fit in your hand and slip into your pocket so they are the perfect cure for smartphone addiction. Once you get hold of one you will find yourself interacting with it in surprising ways. You can flip through it like a book, or spread it out like a scroll. It's a day planner that expands into a landscape of your ideas.

Seize the Day

Accordiem is a play on words. 

In the printing world an alternating score/fold is referred to as an "accordion fold" because it looks like the instrument.

The word "accordion" comes from Italian accordare - to tune, which is perfect because Accordiems are a way to tune your thoughts before your play out your big ideas.

And the word "accord" on its own, means to give someone power, or be harmonious or consistent with. 

And "diem" from Latin, means day, 

which we all know from carpe diem

"seize the day".